Of No Fixed Abode / © Albert Vidal
Put Out the Flame
The End / ©Pramudiya
Bread and Circus / ©FotoPriganica
Understanding Sugar
What do you do ? / © Nellie de Boer
Timeline / ©Illa Antoni
 Creation for  SEAD  2016   Concept and direction by:  Jos Baker   Created and performed by:  Augustin Alriq, Azahara Sanz Jara,Charmene Ho-Ching Pang, Flavie Haour, Giorgia Gasparetto, Jakob Jautz,Lynn Dichon,Mélissa Sydler, Meszerics András, Priscilla Pizziol and Yannis Vasiliadhis
Tidal Breathing / © Nathalie Baert