Creations and Performances


Performances of my new works Put out the flame with MW Dance Theatre and The smallest little thing with Juliana Zhu and Jimmy Suen, produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Cultural Centre  -> 15th-16th March, 2019

Hong Kong, HK

March 15-16th



Montreal, CA

April 8-12th

Workshop at Circuit-Est , Montreal  -> 8th-12th April, 2019                    

Catania, IT

April 26-28th

Workshop at MATCH International Contemporary Dance Workshop Compagnia Petrillo Danza / Loris Petrillo Program, Catania -> 26-28th of April, 2019

Masterclass at Trois C-L, Luxembourg-> 20-24th of May, 2019

Luxembourg, LU

May 20-24th

Berlin, DE

July 12-17th

B12 Summer Workshop , Berlin -> 12-17th of July, 2019

HJS Summer Intensive, Amsterdam -> 22-26th of July, 2019

Amsterdam, NL

July 22-26th


More to be announced soon, stay tuned!